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Logezy is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Logezy, including Creative Circle, Primary Healthcare, Recruit 4Care, Pro Staffing, SB Medics, Apollo Care, Outreach Care, FirstCare Nursing, Plus Staffing, That Nursing Agency, Staff Nursing, County Care Services, Optimum Care 4 u, Omni.Healthcare, Flexy Healthcare Staffing, Matriarch, Tanshe Nurse Agency, CrestPlus Healthcare Solutions, Lifeline Carers, Wellcare, Signa Care Group, Golden Job Recruitment, Acumen Digital Staffer, Innovation Healthcare, Meridale Recruiting Solutions, Karisa Healthcare, Smeaton Healthcare, ON CALL Care Service, St Clair Healthcare, Compass Healthcare, Ultimate Healthcare, First Call Healthcare, No. 1 Healthcare, Kind Solutions, Medsolve Ltd, Care Force Staffing, Care Crew, My Care Business, Bolt Care Services, Frontline Healthcare Solutions, Trent Nursing Agency, Bright Care Recruitment, Rapid Prime Care, Royal Care, Healthcare Direct, Kings Healthcare Practitioner, GA Professional Healthcare, Luminous Healthcare, Fastline Healthcare, Logezy, Logezy developer wiki coming soon...

Developer Logezy Similar Latest Applications
1Cognition Of Fuel Pressure App Support
Cognition Of Fuel Pressure

UtilitiesAlexander Villa Gonzalez (com.CognitionOfFuelPressureValue)

2Ateneu Manises App Support
Ateneu Manises

LifestyleAteneu Manises (com.playoff.ateneumanises)

3Carambola Four Weather App Support
Carambola Four Weather

WeatherJustine Lemieux (com.Carambola-Four-Weather)

4Ant tool App Support
Ant tool

Utilities佳鑫 刘 (cn.aueno.irutv)

5Gostosura Lanches App Support
Gostosura Lanches

Food & DrinkDarlan Alves (delivery.lupi.gostosuralanches)

6Kelime Notu App Support
Kelime Notu

ProductivityErdal Ustunol (com.erdevelop.KelimeNotu)

7Count Money App Support
Count Money

EntertainmentNazim Armagan (com.Count-Money)

8Agora Deng ئاگۆرا دەنگ App Support
Agora Deng ئاگۆرا دەنگ


9Face Yoga: Facial Exercises App Support
Face Yoga: Facial Exercises

Health & FitnessWire Salad (com.wiresaladou.faceYoga)

10M3 App Support

BusinessM3Systems (

11Mit Ghamr - ميت غمر App Support
Mit Ghamr - ميت غمر

ShoppingAbdalla Atef (

12Brain Cave Arena App Support
Brain Cave Arena

Games昌杰 万 (com.dw.dzz)

13HadsUp Partner App Support
HadsUp Partner

BusinessHadsUp Limited (com.hadsup.partner)

14Bioiatriki App Support

Health & FitnessBioiatriki Healthcare Group (gr.bioiatrikiplus.bioiatriki-app)

15LA+ App Support


16Empires Delivery&Logistics App App Support
Empires Delivery&Logistics App

BusinessMaliki Blamace Konneh (

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Can iOS devices download APK files?

The short answer is no, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Let’s take a closer look at what APK files are and why iOS devices can’t download them. What is an APK File? An APK file is an Android Package File, and is the installer file for Android apps. In order to […]