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Who is Piksoft Inc.?

Piksoft Inc. is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Piksoft Inc., including TurboScan™ Pro: PDF scanner, TurboScan™: document scanner, Fax with TurboFax, Perfect OCR, Piksoft Inc. developer wiki coming soon...

Developer Piksoft Inc. Similar Latest Applications
1Beauty Shop 3D App Support
Beauty Shop 3D

GamesLi-Ho Tseng (com.millecrepestudios.beautyshop)

2App der Narrenzunft Gengenbach App Support
App der Narrenzunft Gengenbach

LifestyleNarrenzunft Gengenbach 1499 e.V. (de.narrenzunft-gengenbach)

3Currency - Convert Currencies App Support
Currency - Convert Currencies

FinanceAssunta Pinto (me.chicchi7393.Currency)

4Bum Apilamiento Cartas App Support
Bum Apilamiento Cartas

GamesDang Thang Nguyen (com.apilamiento.cartas)

5Bhojanyan App Support

ShoppingLocalites Private Limited (com.bhojanyan)

6Silco: Live Auction for TikTok App Support
Silco: Live Auction for TikTok

ShoppingEngageMessage, Inc. (app.silco.silco)

7Empire Raid App Support
Empire Raid

Gameskim junghyun (com.sunbeesoft.tankinvader)

8ARSC Multimedia Tool App Support
ARSC Multimedia Tool

EducationUniversidad de Valencia (es.uv.arsc.multimediaTool)

9Sage Gaming App Support
Sage Gaming

Shoppingsanjiit satishan (

10Artisan App Support

Graphics & Designnamjun kim (com.hitbim.Artisan)

11b-Tutela App Support

Health & FitnessSeiji Nagano (com.btutela.iosapp)

12Aslans Fish And Chips App Support
Aslans Fish And Chips

Food & DrinkHEMIN AMIN IBRAHIM (com.fh800464)

13BellSensing Plus App Support
BellSensing Plus

UtilitiesSmartWave Technologies (ca.smartwave.BellSensingPlus)

14ABCash for Personal App Support
ABCash for Personal

FinanceABCash Technologies Inc. (

15BiBi Dict - Dictionary Chinese App Support
BiBi Dict - Dictionary Chinese

EducationDuy Nguyen Van (com.duyleo.bibidict)

16Adventure Island Merge App Support
Adventure Island Merge

GamesFlyBird Limited (com.flybirdgames.adventureislandmerge)

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How do I complain to Apple about an app?

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