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Tinder - Dating New People app received 15 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tinder - dating new people?

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You are confused!If you think this app is dull, think again, if you think this app is based on looks, think again, if you think this app guzzles money, think again!!! This app is purely based on timing... Apart from the fact that Tinder is 75% Men! Which automatically means Men will have less likes, it is also about TIMING! Tinder is like Instagram people! Don't post at 9am on a Tuesday, get swiping on a Thursday night lads!! Also be honest, don't be boring, and don't ruin it for us Men who are genuinely here for a good time and to see what happens... Again, the app is not against the uglies... More of them get matches then the good looking ones! Tinder... Please fix your loading issues😂.Version: 11.24.1

Overall SatisfiedI am a regular user of Tinder. What I hate is the fact that for the amount of money I’m paying for membership, customer support staff don’t hesitate to take your money and then not reply. I constantly get issues with this annoying “would you like to video chat with this person”. I keep pressing no and then it freezes my app. I constantly have to log in again each time it pops in, so I can barely use it. I constantly messaged the support staff 6 times the last two mo the and no reply. Don’t know if this is a joke, but for me to pay something that barely works is so unhelpful. I hope this goes to the app developer so the staff are trained into mitigating these errors..Version: 11.24.0

Old faithful ... it just worksYes, I know ... It’s clunky. Alerts are unreliable. It crashes. It’s half-full of self-obsessed loonies. It lacks any degree of subtlety. But it also works. I rarely see attractive profiles on other dating apps that don’t also appear on Tinder. Also, I’ve been on way more dates through Tinder than via all other apps combined, including the two people that I have had a relationship with off the back of online dating. By all means use a different dating app. But also use Tinder. (If only to marvel at how many people seem genuinely to think Instagram filters make them look more interesting/attractive. Hours of fun.).Version: 11.24.0

The video chat suggestion is too persistentThis feature is nice to have, and it’s good to know you can video chat while staying safe on the site without sharing your phone number. BUT having the suggestion box take up half my phone screen while I’m messaging is SOOO annoying. Also, when I hit “ not interested”, the person I was chatting to was instantly unmatched. Happened twice before I realised..Version: 11.31.0

Unable to cancel subscription.And when I go to submit a request for help with the issue, they direct me to a page that gives me the same useless advice (doesn’t work), with no ability to send a request for help w cancelation. Unable to cancel under Apple account because it’s not listed under subscriptions, yet I got charged. BAD business practice..Version: 11.25.0

Really makes you work for it!I mean, I’ll be honest, at first I found the action of having to log out of my account, delete and reinstall the app and then log back in just to be able to respond to a singular message tedious at first, but as soon as I began to think of it as part of the dating process, it really became fun and not at all horribly irritating! Other fun games can include; - How many replies can we get in this back and forth before tinder hides the match/conversation/every trace of your existence for three months? - “We’ve just notified you that you’ve got a new match! Good luck finding it, we’ve hidden it somewhere SECRET” - Sacrificing 5 pints a month to pay for tinder platinum, which helpfully gives you the choice of a snazzy black icon, and seemingly absolutely nothing else to justify charging the equivalent of fifty grams of tobacco. At least the tobacco is honest about killing me slowly. (Sort it out you money grabbing little feckers).Version: 12.6.0

Great!27 yr old female. I think the app is excellent because of its instant system and SIMPLICITY! I would love some sort of video feature so it’s not soo shallow. Delete the feeds and keep it simple. I think men are having a difficult time which is sad. I wonder how they can achieve equality here. I am not often sexually harassed, the guys I select are very sweet and respectful. If I am disrespected there is a great reporting system to keep me safe from them. I hope to never be unfairly banned. Thanks tinder !.Version: 12.13.0

Tinder ProblemHello, I am a person who loves and enjoys using tinder app, and I am writing to solve the problem quickly. I bought only one booster on January 8th, but I got an error message and I paid for two. Of course, only one booster was registered and I requested a refund, but it was rejected. I sent an email to the Tinder customer center, but there was no reply. Please solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you have a good day.Version: 11.31.0

Brilliant AppLove Tinder, the first & best dating App, but beware the scammers, especially the Asian (Chinese) female profiles seeking Men, that appear to be in your city. These profiles are not genuine Asian females, they are most likely African males in Nigeria or Cameroon, who will always ask to chat on WhatsApp where they will slowly over weeks of chatting introduce you to investing with them. It’s all a scam of course & you will lose it all….Version: 12.13.0

Banned for no reasonIf I could give this app 0 stars I would literally banned for no reason as for being banned there was literally nothing that warranted the ban I had #BLM in my bio which is think is unjust and unfair as everyone should have a right to have opinion on things happening in the world as we speak I would not waste time or money on tinder as it is a rip off.Version: 11.24.0

Validating usersMany overseas users post fake profiles and pics. They lie and try to get money out of people. It’s quite distressing to be subjected to this behaviour..Version: 11.31.0

A feature recommendationAs a user of this app, unluckily I have really bad genetics which make me look ugly which leads to me not getting any matches even with memberships. I thought a clever way of getting people to match, making a random chat room where two people can talk back and forth between each other based on a persons settings and preferences. Through this chat no pictures are shown until after a good chat the two automatically match allowing to see each other’s profile. I believe this would be a good feature and would help people meet new people by personality! Please try to get this into circulation of the developers!!.Version: 12.2.0

Irritation 👎Being a male & getting matches on here is horrific for me, I'm being honest there's no real outcome most of the girls don't even reply, and if they do no one's really trying to make a conversation you say hello then get unmatched straight away maybe it's just me but being a Male on Tinder & getting anything out of it in terms of meet ups hanging out or getting a date seems impossible for me no one is actually on hanging out, it's like how long can the chit chat keep going on for where's the action of a hanging out or a date or something 👎.Version: 11.24.1

Night modeTinder my man it’s time to put night mode in the app please..Version: 11.28.0

Idea 💡Tinder is awesome easy to meet with someone especially if you have Tinder gold. I think Tinder should have feature what’s called ethnics it would make it easy for a guy or woman to meet like for example. Filipina girl in Australia, Lebanese girl in Australia, USA girl in Australia, Chinese girl in & British in Australia. This is just an example I’m asking it would make so easy if you can add the feature ethnics. Instead of seeing one girl you don’t like and you press nope. Other than that I enjoy this app..Version: 11.29.0

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