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Truist Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Truist Mobile app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Truist Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about truist mobile?

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Truist Mobile for Negative User Reviews

Downgrade from U by BB&TFirst of all I would like to talk about missing features that were included in the old app. One feature that I used consistently was the Quick View Balance widget. It was extremely convenient to see my balance without even opening the app and I was very disappointed when I had to transition to the new app. The BB&T deals widget is also missing but I did not use that feature. The second thing that I would like to mention is the lack of improvements or new features. I could do everything I needed to do with the old app. This app offers me absolutely nothing new or beneficial but instead has features taken away as mentioned above. Finally, my last concern is the color scheme and design of the app. Since I have gotten the app, there has been a tip about enabling Touch ID at the top taking up space. I have had that feature enabled the whole time and I can’t make the tip go away. In addition, I understand that Truist has different brand colors than BB&T did before but the way that the purple is used in the app makes some things difficult to read. The old color scheme was perfect and easy to read. I will gladly update my review if changes are made in the near future..Version: 1.2.0

TruistI’ve been banking with Suntrust since they were Citizens Bank, probably more than 30 years. I, like many other reviewers, am just about done with this app, and by extension, this bank. I recently closed an account with another bank because I moved to another city, and the other bank just wasn’t convenient for me anymore. However, since opening this new account I’ve been nothing but disappointed with the relative lack of technological expertise invested in the development of said app. First of all, I have an account with Suntrust. But when I log in with my credentials on Truist, I’m routed to Suntrust bank on my web browser, not the safest option. Once logged in there’s no option for me to deposit a check on the app. I actually had to physically go to the bank just to deposit a check earlier today. That’s absolutely unacceptable to me. My family has 4 accounts with Suntrust/Truist, but I’m on the verge of taking the money that I recently deposited in to the new account and opening an account elsewhere. I just don’t have time for these types to inconveniences in my life right now. I even took my phone into the bank just to see if anyone there could show me how I’m supposed to make a mobile deposit, to no avail. This has been way more trouble than I ever bargained for. I’m out!.Version: 1.4.1

DreadfulThe Truist app, as many others are noting here, is a complete downgrade from the previous U by BB&T app. It is clunky, difficult to navigate, rife with bugs, and honestly looks like something designed during earlier years of the Internet. There is a literal error message every time I log into the account that must be navigated past. Truist is the dire opposite of user friendly and lacks many of the wonderful features that the previous BB&T app had. The color scheme and design are so monotonous and lacking in dimension that it makes ascertaining where you are in the app pretty horrible. It’s like looking at a bunch of numbers written on a sheet of white paper and trying to remember which line you were on. Where is the accessibility? I have no idea why Sun Trust or BB&T felt like this would be an acceptable application to foist upon their mobile banking users. The BB&T app was perfection- not sure why developers couldn’t have just gone in and changed the color scheme and name on that design and rolled it out as the Truist app. I doubt there would be as many complaints had that been the case. Regardless, the Truist app is a nightmare..Version: 1.3.1

App simply does not work on iPhone 13 Pro MaxI have an older iPhone XS that the app works fine on but every time I try to log in on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, it assumes it is my first time logging in since the merger and prompts me to go to either Suntrust or BB&T to initiate a transition of my account. I completed this months ago and do not have this issue accessing my account on any other device. Even if I try to play along and go through the process on the linked Suntrust/BB&T site, it does not allow me to as the process has already been completed and my account is fully Truist now. This creates an infinite loop where I can never access my account via the app on the device. The only support available is Truist via phone which takes about an hour on hold to reach their call center and another 20-30 minutes before the call center gives up and finally transfers to someone in the states who can’t actually provide any actionable info or tech support but tells me someone will be looking into this and getting back to me soon. Of course, I never hear anything back. This has been ongoing over the course of nearly 6 months. I have moved the majority of my banking to a different bank because of this but I still have some accounts linked to Truist and would ideally like to avoid the process of relinking to another bank account. If any developers from Truist see this, please help..Version: 1.6.1

This is getting tiresomeAs I have moved North and I am no longer so physically close to Truist branches, I really depend on the mobile deposit function. I am repeatedly told by the app that my deposit amount entered does not match the amount on the check, even though any human being would clearly see that it does. This happens most times I try to deposit a check. Then I try a few times in different ways… nothing works. Then some time hours or days later I try again and it works. This is starting to get very annoying. Looking at other reviews, it is clear that this problem is common. Even if Truist desperately wants to keep this broken feature that claims to prevent people from depositing checks of the wrong amount, it would be great to at least have an option to “dispute” the machine’s stupidity. Just being turned away repeatedly for trying to deposit my money to my account (which is a basic, needed function) without any way to fix this is really not a good way for Truist to operate. This has been broken for several months now. It would be good if someone did something about this common problem….Version: 1.6.1

HORRIBLEThis app is horrible. The merger has been a disaster. My whole family loved SunTrust and the irritation level from using this crappy app has brought us to considering switching banks. I do mobile deposits several times a month and check my accounts and transfer money regularly. Obviously, I can do none of that when I’m having issues logging in. All of a sudden, after weeks, the app “doesn’t recognize my password” so I go to reset my password and “my information doesn’t match our records” to verify my account in order to reset the password so I’m on the phone for a half hour waiting for someone who barely speaks English, after calling the recommended number, and they can’t even help me. I finally get the password reset, everything’s fine, and then it happens again. The SunTrust app was amazing and I don’t know why they couldn’t take cues from whoever designed that one. Whoever fired them was an idiot and anyone who rated this app more than one star probably changed their mind after using it for a week. Also, everyone else is right; the layout is hard and the color scheme is irritating. Seriously awful..Version: 1.3.3

Can’t sign in any more after new updateError comes up as wrong password or.Version: 2.0.1

Like A Step Back In TimeI’m one of those BB&T legacy customers who waited as long as possible to transition to this app, because the reviews were so abysmal. According to the review history, things have improved. Even so, compared to U from BB&T, this app is a big user interface downgrade. It’s analogous to looking at old web pages before 2010: yes, they worked, but user interfaces have grown up a lot since then. I have a business account and a personal account. With the BB&T app I could see everything at a glance once logged in. Now I have to navigate separate screens. On a phone screen optimizing layout and space is essential, and this app looks like the design team had no clue how to do this, even though they had a highly reviewed and excellent model to work from under ownership. I hope they make it better. I assume it’s at least functional now, though it apparently wasn’t a short while ago. The Truist online banking home page is similarly poorly optimized for multiple account holders like me, but that’s another story..Version: 1.3.1

Please fix this!All of BB&T users had to change from using their app to this one. I wouldn’t mind it, but now every time I want to login to check my balance, it tells me that the service is unavailable! Imagine a banking app telling you that when you want to check your balance. Truist will start to lose customers if this continues! There’s other banks that actually have working apps and care about their customers! If this continues, Truist will certainly not be where people want to come for their banking needs. Please fix this issue immediately if you want people to continue using your bank! Such horrible service! Please bring back the BB&T app! Can’t you tell by all of these reviews that the majority of people don’t like this app at all? If we can’t have the BB&T app, can you at least try and make an effort to make a good app for the people SUPPORTING your bank? If not, most likely all of the people you have supporting your bank will leave for another bank that actually cares about their needs. Please fix all of these problems mentioned in the reviews! It would help out all of us tremendously!.Version: 1.2.1

HorribleTruist truly was not ready, this app is such a disappointment. In addition to being forced to switch from my Suntrust app this app rarely works, the layout, design and ease of use are terrible. Each time I access it there is a message in app that says the service your requesting is not available. I have used my Suntrust debit card for years to receive and send funds via Cash App. After being forced to switch to Truist, I was unable to receive or send money using Cash App. The error said your card is not allowing deposits please add a new card. I had to call Suntrust the rep initially told me to contact Cash App, I told her the problem started as soon as I was forced to switch to Truist. After going back and forth with her she said she refreshed my card which corrected the error with cash app. I tried to send money from cash app today I’m getting an error saying your bank declined this payment please update your card. Not only that, but I attempted to use my debit card in the grocery store yesterday and it was declined. I have used the same card for years. We were assured there would be no interruptions in services, but for me that clearly has not been the case. Truist you need to go back to the drawing board..Version: 1.5.2

Truist needs major basic improvementsMy wife and I have been a happy Suntrust customer and have banked with them for 9.5 years. My wife’s paychecks are from a Suntrust business account. Especially since the Covid pandemic, the mobile app has become a very valuable and important piece of technology. Helping to limit social interactions by using mobile deposit. Since her company checks are the same place that we bank her check can be deposited and also be available the next morning. Apparently that will not be the case with the new Truist. It’s 11am and I just spent 48min on hold waiting to discuss this and was told sometime this evening her check will clear and be available. Do the powers in charge realize that a lot of everyday people expect to have access to their money. I also have my paycheck direct deposited and now have major doubts on when it will be available to pay bills. After 58 mins and asking to speak to a supervisor the call was disconnected. Rather than call back I figured I would write the review. If things don’t improve in a week I will be switching to another bank. Now just to send the review you need to pick a nickname that no one has ever used, what a pain! John.Version: 1.4.0

Update not loading locked out of my bankAs above.Version: 2.1.0

Not user friendlyI enjoyed the BBT mobile app and when it was BBT by themselves a whole lot more than the transfer “merge “to the Truist, gave it plenty of time before I decided to write a review. I’d say first thing the app is not user friendly, you have to click on several places to get to the place you need too. The other BBT app you could reach out right to customer service with a quick response. Then the Zelle aspect is not a secure safe way to send money. Contacted Truist regarding $600 scam they were going to do an “investigation” However they made a decision before I supplied them with the evidence of scam-fraud. Contacted 4 times when they were supposed to follow up. I Was told can’t do anything about it and Zelle puts responsibility on bank then bank takes no responsibility. You are speaking to people “working” at home with kids, tv in background. After giving this bank some time to try with the merge , it’s been a negative experience from start to finish . Instead of complaining, we are closing our accounts and finding a bank that will put their customers first. I’d suggest searching for other banks read other reviews on all platforms and then make a decision,.Version: 1.7.0

Can’t get my account switched.Waited on the phone 36 min @ the number the bank told me to call. When them finally answered my call was dropped. Called the next day on hold 21 min then spent 23 min with someone who supposedly knew just what to do. After which my call again was dropped. She got far enough with me before the dropped call to tell me the computers there were messing up. She would call me back when fixed..that was 6 days ago. Since that time my account is locked. I can’t pay my bills or swap money from savings to checking for bills. I can’t do anything. I need someone to fix this or I will be changing banks this week. I have been with my bank through 3 name changes. Since the bank was built. How can I get this fixes. I’m really dissatisfied and disappointed in this bank. This is my life they are playing with. I’m a disabled widow with no way to go anywhere. I have to have a reliable online banking system to pay my bills and order groceries. I need help desperately...Version: 1.2.1

Children game apps are betterThis app is supposed to allow me access to my financial information. It does not! There is no way to see what checks have been sent out through the app until they are cashed. I have to hand write all this information down now. The old BB&T app had it at my fingertips. It doesn’t give access to my payees history. I can’t tell if I paid them or not. It did away with nicknames on payees. As a multiple store business, I have more than one account with the same name. Now it takes several attempts to find which payee I want to pay. These are just a few of the functional issues. The cosmetics are atrocious as well. You should have just taken the BB&T existing app and changed its name. If these financial functions aren’t fixed soon, I will have no choice but to find another bank. My once easy access just turned into a major headache and time consuming nightmare. I gave 1 star because they didn’t have an option for negative stars for this review. You should at least give customers the option to use the old app until you work out the bugs in this one. When it comes to my money, I don’t like being blinded..Version: 1.3.1

Awful service in general!!!These people is pretty good at making you waste your time, making you feel like they’re playing with you almost to the point of making you loose your mind. I had a car loan with them and in March of this year I refinanced my car loan with another banking institution, my current creditor made the full payment of the loan I had with Truist, they never received any type of document such as the release letter and I I didn't receive anything either. Almost four months have passed since the full credit was paid and I have not received anything, I have called multiple times and at first nobody knew anything they just told me that they no longer had anything to do with that credit and that it had already been fully paid They told me to call my current creditor to ask for the release letter from them when they have not received anything, a month ago of calling and insisting, finally a Truist representative was able to give me an answer after waiting almost more than an hour, I They said they would send me the letter and that it would arrive in 5 to 10 days, the ten days passed and nothing, I called again and they told me that the letter had been withheld and that it would arrive again in 5 to 10 days and I still have not received it.Version: 1.7.0

Worst Banking AppThis is the worst banking app I’ve ever used. The fact that there’s not a constant tally of purchases and their real-time impact on my bank account is my biggest problem with this app. The view of my account is completely unintuitive and a pending total that only seems to grow because Truist doesn’t work on weekends, is a another issue. The fact that I can’t transfer money on the weekend even between my own accounts is yet another problem. And then, once my transfer does go through on Monday, there are different balance reflections all throughout the app. When viewing my account there is one balance and then when sending money there is another. This is confusing and creates a sense of insecurity, in the one place you want to feel totally secure about how your money is handled. I will be moving away from Suntrust, where I’ve banked for years, because Truist is a terrible bank and I’m so disappointed in this merger. I’ve lived all over the country and banked in at least 10 banks and credit unions, but Truist is the only one I’ve even made a complaint about, it’s that bad. Give us back the SunTrust app dependability and functionality!!!!.Version: 1.3.3

The Absolute Worst!!!!I have been a SunTrust customer for as long as I can remember. As prompted by the SunTrust app, I did the upgrade to Truist. Needless to say, I got everything set up without a problem except the “Mobile Text” banking. Now, I thought downloading the app was mobile text banking. Then, you set up all the alerts in order to receive notifications about transactions made to your account. So, I thought. Well, I decided to check my account balance by texting the banking “CODES” like BAL/HIST. Every time I type the initials “BAL” for my account balance I receive a text message stating I need to enroll in “Text Mobile Banking”. Like really!!! But I’m receiving text messages from Truist about transactions but I can’t randomly text “BAL” to check my balance. Yes. I know I can login and check my balance but the text message feature made it much easier. Finally, I reached out to technical support to address my concern. No, help there. I was directed to call my cellphone carrier because I had a possible “short text block”. AT&T said there was not a problem and I no blocks on my account. Please address this issue and contact me if possible..Version: 1.3.1

Worst bank everI’ve been a Suntrust customer for in excess of 11 years. Truist takes over and forces you to download their new app which doesn’t allow you access to all your accounts. I was vacationing in Florida and needed to check my accounts and transfer money (which I couldn’t do ) . The app says your login and password are not valid. I call customer service and I’m told it’s a 2 hour and 34 minute wait to speak to a representative. I try to call several more times and receive similar wait times. Once I return home I go into my local branch and speak with a banker . They tell me they just had to reset my app and it will work fine. I went home and tried again . Still locked out . I call the branch and the general manager says he will fix and get right back to me . 14 days later I had to go back in the branch and after another 2 hours I had access to my accounts. Now I just tried to sign in and it says you must update the new version . I do that and it says you must update the new version . I’m locked out of my accounts again. This is by far the worst app and bank I’ve ever experienced. I will be moving everything to Navy Federal in the morning. Truist you stink on ice ..Version: 1.5.0

Slow user interfaceApp works on par with other banking apps of the type, but suffers from the same sluggishness navigating menus made worse by a total lockout of input when changing menus along the bottom bar (loading circle prevents user input after accidental selection). Every thing selected requires 2-3 seconds of loading and nothing is preloaded, presumable for security but at this point I’m logged it and this just makes repetitive tasks such as checking if multiple checks have cleared a slow and tedious process. Additionally, the amount of vertical room every item takes up when scrolling transactions is excessive, finances should be clear and concise and definitely should not scroll through offers while reviewing transactions. Would like the deposit history to go back further because scrolling through all account transactions looking for deposits is slow. The way the screen blanks out during app switching is also annoying when trying to use the calculator at the same time, but again all banking apps now do this. Still more convenient than driving to the bank but could definitely be cleaned up and sped up..Version: 1.7.0

UpdateThis update isn’t loading on IPhone 11 Pro and I can’t access my account 👎.Version: 1.5.0

Absolutely hate this appI absolutely hate this app. I waited until I had to use it when my baby app stopped working. My favorite thing about my bbt app was the balance at a glance. I hate having to sign in, click through all the stupid pop ups that WILL NOT GO AWAY and then finally can see my balance. So I signed up for the daily balance texts in order to keep track of my balance without messing with the whole app sign in. Well I found out the hard way today that those texts are unreasonably inaccurate! My balance texts said I had over $300 more in my account than I actually did so based on that balance I used funds that were meant for something else and messed up my finances! This is ridiculous! I Do not need to know what my balance is BEFORE the pending charges (that take like a week to finally clear) are calculated! I have another banking app and the daily balance texts from it take into account the pending charges so that you are given your AVAILABLE balance. Extremely unhappy about the whole mess as it has almost ruined my sons birthday! Will definitely be finding a new bank..Version: 1.3.3

App is unusable for meI’m baffled at the high reviews for this app. This app was fine for a while following the Suntrust/BB&T merger, but for about 2 months now the mobile app has been totally unusable for me. I’m not sure if other people are having this issue, but every time I try to log in to the app I get a pop-up notification saying: “This service you’re attempting to access is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” My app is fully updated and the information I’m entering has not changed - I have no idea what the problem is. I have no issues accessing my online banking from a computer, but it’s extremely irritating to not be able to access my accounts through the mobile app. Also, the inability to access my accounts through the app cuts off my ability to make mobile check deposits into my Truist account. I honestly would have given this app one star based on the fact that it is totally unusable for me, but I threw on another star purely because the inefficiency of this app had finally motivated me to transition my primary checking account over to an account with a different bank….so thanks for that Truist..Version: 2.0.0

SEVERELY displeasedAs a 26 year old male I can say with certainty that it’s is not the “older generations” that don’t like this new app. Several of those with higher rated reviews are probably just individuals with direct ties to the banking organization itself. Overall, the usability of the app has gone from easy to difficult. Several features that were once prominent on the “U by BB&T” app have been removed entirely such as the quick view balance, the credit score check, the account nicknames, and Home Screen widget. 96.1% of login attempts are met with a pop-up message saying that “these features are unavailable at this time.” What does that even mean? I can’t check my accounts on the go any longer? Not to mention that when I am scrolling through transactions the app literally kicks me out, less than a full 60 seconds into being logged on, and tell me that my session is about to expire. I also am more concerned with privacy using this app. After logging out and force closing the app, I still receive a notification 5-10 minutes after the fact that my “session is about to expire.” Should it not have expired when I logged out? When I force closes the app? Overall, this merger has made me trust the banking system that much less and this app has really been the final straw to break the proverbial camels back. Thanks but no thanks..Version: 1.2.1

New app, few improvementsComing from the beloved sun trust app I was forced towards using this one. Okay makes sense with new branding and whatnot. I wasn’t happy but not really to angry. Just annoyed but I get it. Personally I absolutely cannot stand the color scheme but that’s whatever. Tiny thing. For the most part it’s easy to navigate and relatively similar. But the mobile deposit function needs work. At one of my jobs we are given hand written checks weekly. Old school and annoying but what are you gonna do? It pays. With the sun trust app anytime I wanted to mobile deposit and the app didn’t agree with the amount I put in vs what was written on the check I simply had to hit “confirm amount” and that was that. Money is there next day. Truist does not offer that function. It gives you one option. Retake picture. Pretty useless. So now I have to drop this check off at the bank even though it now has “for truist mobile deposit only” written on the back. Incredibly annoying as it’s now required. So if they want to enhance online banking, the developers of this app or trust or whoever makes the design calls needs to step up the mobile deposit function. One of a couple reasons I’m considering switching banks anyway..Version: 1.3.1

Never able to sign inThe app refused sign in since the change from SunTrust. I was told an update would fix it: bupkis. My consternation with this bank came after a five hour wait time on the phone. I had a fraudulent transaction on my card (first time in my life) after the transition from SunTrust. Once I got a hold of someone, I was assured it would be resolved. Weeks later it was refunded, but only after much time and persistence on my end online/phone/ and in person. What made matters even worse, I no longer had access to my SunTrust card because a new one had been sent. At least, that was what we thought. Turns out it wasn’t sent. “Your batch of cards was simply not sent” my local teller informed me. Another was requested. That one never came either. Upon reading my new user agreement (which I never agreed to; I signed the SunTrust agreement, NOT Truist) I learned that if I made under 3k a month, I would be paying a $20 service fee. I made enough to cover their fee, but what if I didn’t? As a member of an “under served community” that Trusit’s marketing proclaims to care so much about, this irked me. There was a time when I didn’t make much and $20 could easily throw me into overdraft. That hypocrisy was the final straw; moved my modest income to a local credit union and grateful I got outta there.Version: 1.6.1

This isn’t Funny anymoreThis is the sorriest app Ive ever had to use. Designers should be sued in class action. I have spend hours on the phone (mostly on hold) because the tech support says they dont know Tech support just says something to get you off the phone,Days of time and months of inconvenience yes I’m old, but I never had problem with BB”&T It will not load on IPad Yes I have on my phone, but I want to make sure I am seeing what I mean to see. I should be able to get on all three devices I use with no problem. And I question what are you doing in the banking business. I feel like I am being scammed, postings are not up to date you never know whether you are working with our money and making interest. What in the world did you hire to make this app and who is in tech Elementary age kids. Worse yet, this comment will not send and post. I went to redeem points and was told 2-4 weeks. Pay a bill cant pay for 15 days. you have to keep a separate spreadsheet, to keep track of bills paid, just ridiculous, and I would be ashamed to admit that you allowed this to happen..Version: 1.4.0

9 times out of 10 all services are “Unavailable”…This is by far the worst banking app I have ever had. Over the years I have banked with Fifth third, Chase, Bank of America, and Suntrust. They all have had their moments of frustration, and their apps weren’t perfect by any means, but it at least worked. When I was forced to switch to Truist, I was optimistic at first. It’s been almost a year now and I have to say, this is by far the WORST banking app I have ever used. First of all, I’m able to log in half of the time at BEST (service unavailable prompt comes up)… otherwise, the app often forces me out whenever I try to log in or if I actually get in, I’m kicked out after looking at my accounts for more than 2 minutes… “your mobile banking session is about to expire” pops up while I’m in the app using it! Not only that, but I can never use the services I need to. If I need to transfer money, it always says “service unavailable, please try again later” but this “later” never happens! I’ve had to physically go into the bank to transfer money from my accounts on almost every occasion I’ve needed to through the app. This is ridiculous! Truist, please, fix this app! I’m a few more instances away from switching banks altogether because of this ridiculousness! It really has been an awful experience..Version: 1.7.0

Why did Truist not keep using a proven BB&T app?Just tried to deposit check using new Truist app. Kept getting message that amount of check entered did not match the check photo. Tried re-entering amount, closing/re-opening app, taking new photo of check nothing worked. Finally called Truist support. Rep had me delete app & re-install, which did not work. Then she had me load the app on my iPhone (I had been using my iPad because that is the only device that I use for banking). I was able to deposit check with I phone (I think). I got confirmation number but the deposit is not showing as pending in the account, nor did I get a confirmation email, which is apparently not an option with Truist, as it was with BB&T. At that point, the rep felt that she had done her job; it was now MY problem that the app does not work on the iPad since it works on the iPhone. Told me to check my settings & updates. Well, I did; they are the same on both devices; all operating systems & apps are up to date; the devices were restarted yesterday. And the BB&T app worked on my ipad; Bank of America app works on my ipad. If I cannot deposit a check using the Truist app on my ipad, maybe I need a new bank. What happened to BB&T’s customer service? Did that get lost in the merge along with a working mobile app? Also, the deposit should show immediately in the account as pending, and we should get a confirmation email. BB&T did; Bank of America does..Version: 1.3.0

Major disappointment that makes me want to change banksI have used BB&T for decades and started using the BB&T app followed by their U app which it was a slight decrease in user ease. Then suddenly I was forced to go to Truist. Since I have been using it, I have had problems with almost use. The mobile deposit feature is particularity frustrating. BB&T and U apps each had a framed area to center the check. Truist has no such feature and keeps telling me to move closer, until almost half the check is out of the field. It also kept saying I needed to use a darker background. I have no black surfaces in my house, so I have always used a navy blue or brown background without problems. Not so with Truist. I have also had issues with transfers. I have twice tried to transfer from my checking account to my credit card that totally failed. I did all the setup to transfer a relatively small amount to my credit card shortly before my due date to avoid penalties. Each time, after I had selected my checking account to transfer from (selected by pop-up showing my balance) when I got a message at transfer saying the account was not valid. I quit the app, restarted, and retried with same results. I am considering moving to a bank that doesn’t use Truist..Version: 1.3.0

Not even close to the BB&T appI really wish the developer would have paid more attention to the ease and features of the BB& T app. This app is not user friendly at all. There is no quick look at balances. There is no way to order the accounts if you have multiple but by far the absolute worst pitfall I have found is the bill pay aspect of the app. The BB&T app made it so easy to pay bill, edit existing bills, and really manage all my banking on the app without logging in on a computer. When I try to edit an existing payment for something that varies month to month like a utility bill it blocks it saying there is already the exact payment for the exact amount already scheduled on that date. Well last time I checked if last month I paid $72 and this month I change it to pay $97 then it isn’t the same amount on the same day. I have went from only using my phone and app to bank to being being forced to wait until I am home at night to take care of any banking needs I have. It’s enough to make me want to change banks completely which I plan on doing as soon as I check out their competitors apps for ease of use. I only wish I could give negative stars for this app..Version: 1.3.0

Significant downgrade from SunTrust mobile appI came over from the SunTrust app, which worked really well for my banking needs. I have found the mobile deposit functionality in the Truist app to be much clunkier, with a couple of significant downgrades. Using the camera for check images is much slower, with repeated ‘hold steady’, ‘move closer’, and ‘flip check’ demands that I rarely encountered on SunTrust app. In addition, with SunTrust app if app determined that manually entered check amount did not match check image, User was able to override once determining that amount was correct, and complete the deposit. With the Truist app, if the apps AI mistakenly rejects amount as incorrect, you are stuck and can only cancel the deposit. I also found the SunTrust app to be superior in being able to check and see your mobile deposits as ‘Pending Deposits’ in the account register as soon as I completed the mobile check deposit function. This was very helpful when depositing multiple checks at one time, to be sure I had completed the process. With the Truist app, as far as I can tell, the pending deposits don’t show anywhere until Truist actually receives the funds..Version: 2.0.1

Learn from BB&T appI was abroad when suddenly this app logged me out for no reason and left me with no access to my account. First I never wanted to make this change I was obligated to download this app because It didn’t give me no other options to stay with the BB&T app, second there is no options to reach customer service through the main screen on this app, and third I don’t feel like this developer cares about the customer service experience but other than the fact of just creating a Mobil app. To my perspective I had 4 lovely years being with BB&T never had any issue with the bank or banking online. I’m still trying to configure what’s going on with this app that doesn’t let me sing in because it says that my ID or passwords are not being recognize by the system but yet I was able to do it once before I went abroad and everything seemed like it was going well until this app started to glitch and crash. No better serving for sure and I have to be honest about this too, I had to write a review not for the clients to see and not download it because obviously we are being obligated to have to use this mediocre app, but for the developer to have a conscious and understand this app needs to be exactly or way better than BB&T other wise there is no way it can be a better banking experience. And waow I’m not the only one here writing a negative feedback..Version: 1.3.1

App does not workI am a Suntrust customer of almost 15 years who was switched over to Truist after the merger/acquisition. The Suntrust app always worked just fine. Tried logging in to that app, was advised to download the Truist app and enter my login info. Naturally, it does not work and I get an error stating “Your current version of the Truist app may no longer be supported.” I click update which just takes me back to the App Store and of course there isn’t actually an update available. Tried calling customer support and the line automatically hung up once I got to the “the next available representative will be with you shortly” crap. Tried to call again, same issue. Ended up just hitting zero a few times and got to the actual customer service queue. Then waited on hold for about an hour (was told the wait time was 20 minutes) before I finally hung up. I’ve never had this issue with Suntrust customer service. Truist clearly did not ensure the kinks were worked out prior to pushing the app onto Suntrust customers and they can’t even manage to have easy access to customer service to help remedy the issue. Luckily the website works otherwise I would effectively be barred from accessing/utilizing my own bank account. I’ll be looking for a new bank..Version: 1.3.2

Negative Stars/ TRASH COMPANYIf I could give this Banking institution negative stars I would whole heartedly. This has been the WORST BANK I have ever used. I had been with BB&T happily for years. Loved the U by BB&T app. It was very user friendly and kept me from over drafting easily as it was easy to see the funds I actually had available and what not. I live on a tight budget. Then This trash company took over. The amount of hatred and disgust I have for the company and their app and policies is astronomical. If you are a person who lives on a budget STAY AWAY! You will 100% overdraft it WILL happen no matter what you do. And they will slam you with fee after fee after fee. There is no limit. They set you up for failure in every way. And they don’t do over draft forgiveness but once every 2 years. The only people this will work for are those who can keep a lot of extra cushion in their account to cover all the fees and stupidity of this company. But if you are on a tight budget don’t waste your time with this trash company. I can’t say it enough. Since TRUIST took over this bank has gone straight down hill with no sign of slowing down. Negative everything..Version: 1.4.1

Why is the mobile browser view better that the app???**Truist reps: no I don’t want an email to contact as it clearly seems like it hasn’t made any difference** I have been a BBT user since I first had a bank account, and had absolutely loved how easy the old app was (functionality, view, ease of access, etc). I knew the transition was coming, but it was so SUDDEN. Normal app transitions at least warn you (this app will be inactive in XX days) to at least get you prepared. NOPE. Was forced over to the new app and could already tell the functionality is much worse. I don’t understand the “dark view” purple background when a light screen is so much more user-friendly, digging around to find functionality is difficult, and it’s hard to see your pending and current transactions because everything is that same color scheme. The icing on the cake? THE MOBILE WEB VIEW IS SO MUCH BETTER. Why don’t you all use that?? The icons differentiate accounts visually, it’s not a dark scheme, and so much easier to see everything in a combined space. I work at a large company and have gone through a few mergers and know the growing pains, and that it’s not easy when the higher ups push this down the chain. But at this rate it’s a major business error, so please escalate these complaints up the chain before half of the “Truist” customers disappear..Version: 1.3.1

The app is terribleThe layout is pretty much BB&Ts old app with a purple background but I’m not here to give a review of the app design I’m writing this review on how many bugs this app has. When I first downloaded the app I had issues logging in due to a password bug and had to wait an additional 3 days to log in for them to fix it. I also came across another log in bug where it says the session is expired while I am logged in. Now it being a multibillion dollar company I don’t understand why they’re having app issues, if they would have stuck with the old BB&T app but changed the name we all wouldn’t be having these issues. I personally don’t use any other features on the app but to save and check my balance but even then on multiple occasions I had an invalid balance meaning some days I woke up to a couple of thousands in my bank account which wasn’t mine or a balance from two weeks ago. Truist you need to fix the app if your developers are that terrible it’s worth firing them and hire a team who actually knows how what they’re doing..Version: 1.3.1

Beware of bill payI hate to rate this app at two stars over one element, but it is mediocre at best in other areas as well. I accidentally submitted a payment to a biller for the incorrect date. I attempted to change the date, and it appeared to be successful. When the initial date rolled around, a payment was made regardless of the change and information in my pending payments, which caused an overdraft transfer from my savings. It was concerning, but not detrimental. It appeared to be the only payment to this biller in my history an nothing in my queue. When the second, corrected pay date came, there was another payment withdrawn, which caused another overdraft transfer. The biller applied this as principal, and I am now responsible for a payment not planed for in the next billing cycle. I’m not sure how Truist will handle this, as I can only get automated service out of banking hours, unless it concerns theft or fraud. To the app developers: I am fortunate enough to have a cushion to cover such mishaps. What about those who do not? This is a grossly negligent error that must be addressed. Peoples lives are hanging in the balance, counting on this service. Families are often living week to week in this stifling economy. This could be devastating to many. Fix this problem immediately!.Version: 2.0.1

HorribleI am a Suntrust member and have been since I was 16 years old. When Suntrust merged with Truist I thought OK no big deal I’m not gonna have to change my user ID nor am I going to have to change my password. Lies lies lies!!!!!! I have had to change my user ID that I have had since I was married 23 years ago and I’ve also had to change my password five times in less than one day because the truest app does not work. It will not allow me to log on to my bank accounts and I have 3 of them. I rely on my mobile banking app daily because I’m always on the go. The Suntrust app I gave it five stars. I could do everything with that app. Transfer money, deposit a check, see my account status anytime I want to, etc. this Truist app is for the birds. I’m really thinking about canceling my accounts. Yesssss hun all 3 i’m moving my money to another bank that has a more user-friendly app. The Truist app is telling me to upgrade it. How can I upgrade something that just started and it’s grayed out for me so I can’t press that icon to upgrade go figure that one out….Version: 1.3.0

Terrible Debit ServicesI am applying for apartments currently, I have already applied to about 6-7 apartments and then on my last one my card gets turned off, I try to call debit services THERE IS NO WAY to turn it back on through that number by the way, but i call them and then they permanently block my semi new replacement card. Then tell me there is nothing they can do I have to get a replacement card sent, and I have to go into their location to receive a temporary card. I dont have a car… This isn’t even my main problem with them, they bill you early in the morning or late at night never at a reasonable time. Just so they can overdraft your account for a longer period of time, before you realize and put money into it you have already accrued a $36 overdraft fee $72 if you didnt realize till night time. They will overdraft your account regardless on if you have overdraft protection/coverage off. Honestly been with them before the switch to truist and have seen no changes. They overdraft you regardless if you call and tell them to stop. They will turn your card off for things like, buying gas at 7/11, shopping for groceries, applying to apartments, and more. I will be switching by the end of next month..Version: 2.1.0

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