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TIDAL Music App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

TIDAL Music app received 104 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TIDAL Music? Can you share your negative thoughts about tidal music?

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TIDAL Music for Negative User Reviews

Technical issues and explicit contentI really liked Tidal for its high quality audio. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their high end music on my stereo system at home. But unfortunately Tidal had too many technical issues. Especially it’s CarPlay implementation is very buggy - sometimes music wouldn’t play at all, sometimes music of Apple Music and Tidal would play at a the same time and sometimes you would click on one playlist just to find the content of another playlist in it. But that wasn’t the reason for switching to Qobuz (as it has numerous technical issues as well). In my opinion Tidal’s curated content and I just don’t match. I understand that Jay-Z is a founder and that there would be quite a bit of rap. But there is virtually no playlist without explicit content. Now I am not easily offended by hearing profanities. But there is no way of filtering these versions out. The last straw for me was when I chose to play a Christmas playlist with my young kids in the room and the second song had the n-word blaring at them..Version: 2.19.0

Good app, but MQA is a scamThe application is good, not Spotify good but better than Deezer. However the fact the team up with MQA is a big turn-off for me. As soon as Deezer will implement “Deezer Connect” removing the need to go through AirPlay, I’m switching back to Deezer..Version: 2.43.1

Spotify’s app is betterI don’t understand the logic in this app. Browsing by artist is at the end and the re is a video section before it. How often would you use the video section in a phone music app??.Version: 2.44.0

Money hungry!Unfortunately one of the sorry souls to try Tidal, disappointed with it’s music selection and playlist genres seemed far accurate but more so their customer service is appalling, they closed a ticket on me when I brought up the issue of accidentally creating two accounts, one through Facebook and one with the same email address, so I was charged for two subscriptions and no refund was given. They replied it’s in their terms and conditions and nothing they can do about it and closed the ticket. Money hungry company looking out for themselves only!.Version: 2.5.5

Not goodNavigation is very unintuitive. Suggestions arent working, the app shows me same pop artist again and again even if i never listen pop music. It takes ages to load songs, sometimes i have to wait 30 sec. I didn’t even finished trial, impossible to use..Version: 2.3.2

Beware of “free” trialsBeware of “free” trials. Mine was supposed to end on Oct. 22. On Oct. 16, I canceled the free trial. The confirmation said to enjoy using Tidal until the end of the trial period. On Oct. 22 I was charged $9.99 via PayPal. I wrote to Tidal support, attached a screenshot showing confirmation of deactivation. The person said because I logged back into my account (before the free trial was over), it reactivated the subscription and they couldn’t issue me a refund. For the record, I did not get an email confirmation from Tidal then that I’ve “re-activated” the account and that I will be charged for it once the trial ends. PayPal’s email charging me $9.99 was the only notification I got. I wish I could post screenshots here as proof, but even with proof, it’s pointless. So please be careful about getting ripped off..Version: 2.34.0

Good app ( not great) but billing is highway robberyGood selection of music , respectable quality . However, search function and browsing/returns to previous menus can be improved . Also, playing selection of the best tracks by the artist whilst on Bluetooth with the phone off defaults and repeats first five tracks only. And best of all it doubled on the subscription and hit me with almost $70 for one month use. Ouch .... and if you read their FAQ it is not a new issue that somehow is deemed user error ... Really? Thanks for pointing it out Tidal :/.Version: 2.4.5

BULLSH*TWhat is this? I JUST WANT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY. It’s not fair. This app sucks. Do NOT get it..Version: 2.6.4

I miss the functionality so hardPlease go back to how you could swipe right and see your queue, swipe left and it offers similar music, discovering music is so hard now and when clicking the play queue in corner three bars it always clears out now if you aren’t on a playlist so I can’t even remember what I’m listening to and it gets lost forever or I gotta go back and search for it then the queue starts all over again I miss being able to see past plays and going down the black hole on the left of discovery Whyyy would you remove those two features just to skip tracks ??? Music discovery has STOPPED for me based of lack of functionality and that was the whole point for me of Tidal over other services and I KNOW I’m not the only one. Please go back to allowing me to go down the black hole on the left and seeing on the right the queue of everything rather than it disappearing every time I play something that’s not on a playlist.Version: 2.9.4

Its not freeIt isnt free😒.Version: 2.12.0

Clunky interfaceHard to fault the service which has most of the music you might want and the high fidelity format. But I do find site/app design to be inelegant. Navigation is not as straightforward as it should be. It’s easy to get thrown off track or to go in circles. Also, the algorithm for what music gets prioritized on the site as far as what you see when you open the site and scroll doesn’t suit my tastes at all. It’s of course fine if most people/Tidal customers are interested in different music than I am, but it still feels like what you see is a curated or edited list and the “in” thing is promoted to excess. I could be mistaken and the site isn’t intentionally curated. It still comes down to ease of navigation. A person whose listening tastes are not representative of the majority still shouldn’t have to wade through screen after screen of stuff to find what interests them. The search engine is very basic—you can do much better with Google..Version: 2.32.0

My Collection seems to be broken on iOS 15My Collection seems to be broken on iOS 15.0, in which artists, albums and tracks that I added to My Collection are not showing up. Which is annoying because I need to navigate to the “Downloaded” section to access my favourite artists, albums and tracks. My Collection doesn’t seem to be working in CarPlay either, with nothing showing up..Version: 2.32.0

POOR INDEXING LETS THE SIDE DOWN....Great sound and multiple sound/download options from heavily compressed to Master Audio quality. A good app in general but poor indexing when searching is a big let down. Multiple searches using various search terms just for one composer yields multiple AND DIFFERENT results. While I eventually found a lot of what I was looking for, I did not find everything. And that was through using different search terms and wasting a lot of time doing so. Good indexing is key to making an app successful or not. This one still has a way to go. Examples of what I found when searching just for ‘Tchaikovsky’: Tchaikovsky Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky Peter Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky Pyotr Tchaikovsky Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky Petr Tchaikovsky Pyort Tchaikovsky Pjotr Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich Tchaikovski Piotr Ilyitch Tchaïkovski Piyotr Ilyic Tchaikovsky Pjoter Tchaikovsky I think you get the idea by now. And when each of these results yields further different results, you’re never going to have an easy task on your hands. Replicate that across all artists that have multiple search options and it’s a nightmare. I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for a service that delivered the results you want in one easy pass. But this app and service is not it.....Version: 2.8.10

Very good app but...I like that the app downloads songs in the most highest quality. You can heard instruments and sounds that you wouldn’t normally hear. That’s gives it a great edge in terms of quality. I like that you can also view the credits for each song (mostly, not all tracks have this info) The downside is when downloading songs. Still learning the app but as far as i can see, if i download the album by clicking the heart, it doesn’t come up in my collection and therefore I’m unable to get a rotation of the 1000 songs I’ve downloaded whereas clicking on the heart for each individual track it’s downloaded into the “my collection” folder and then I’m able to shuffle all the songs there.. i don’t get why it just doesn’t allow us to play ALL songs from say a folder named “downloaded” or have the songs hearted to go to that “my collection” folder... That’s the only frustration. App could be a little more streamlined too. Very jumpy like a browsing switching windows..Version: 2.7.6

Promotion rip off !Signed up and payed ... got one month Don’t believe the company’s promotions! Just don’t pay , and don’t buy ! Not going to get your money’s worth ! Thanks for nothing...it was one of my worst xmass presents in 60 years Det Orb sound and communications.Version: 2.22.0

Too much lag to use with naimIssues with buffering, lag and dropout bad enough to make it unusable with naim app and speakers..Version: 2.6.2

Great Quality Sound with Annoying BugsI love the streaming quality of Tidal but there are some annoying glitches. 1) The Apple CarPlay integration (this is an opinion not a bug) does not allow for the adding of songs while you drive unless you unlock you phone and manually add the song to your library. That’s a driving hazard for those who can’t wait until the next stop to save the song. 2) There is a new bug where my music will stop playing in the middle of a song without reason or warning. 3) When you add an album, the album gets added to the “Albums” section of the app but the individual songs do not get added to your library. I HATE this because I have go manually add everything from an album to the individual song library too which takes additional time. Overall, if you’re looking to stream with quality sound, this is the app for you. If you want convenience and a flawless listening experience, stick to Apple Music until Tidal works out the kinks (and I know they will). Or, you could be like me and just have both..Version: 2.12.0

They will charge you after you cancel your free trialI cancelled my free trial years ago and recently discovered that they have been continuing to charge me monthly all along. I spoke to someone in customer support who refused to issue me a refund. Stay away from this app and just use Spotify..Version: 2.24.0

Service is Great. Parts of App need workI love the service, but the iOS app needs a bit of work. First, Siri support needs to be added. It is absolutely ridiculous that I can’t tell the iPhone’s assistant to play an album only because I’m using this service. Every other music service I’ve used has had support for this. Second, the CarPlay app is almost useless with how laggy and glitchy it is. I’ve never had this much trouble with CarPlay with any other app before. Third the ChromeCast functionality needs to be improved. If I cast an album to a google home, then switch to any other app, and then reopen tidal to change the music I can’t because it doesn’t recognize that the google home is being used as a speaker. I have to force close the app and start it again before it recognizes the google home. Also, Google Assistant functionality needs to be added as well. To play on any ChromeCast device I have to go through the hassle mentioned above. I love the quality and selection that Tidal offers, but these issues seriously make me consider using another service..Version: 2.23.0

CommunicationGood music app BUT terrible account management. Trouble with accessing my account multiple times after paying for it. Waited a week (with NO music) to see if it was a technical issue. Contacted them via email with screenshots of the issue and no reply..Version: 2.25.1

Still sounds great but...Seems this version of the app has removed the ability to sort your downloaded albums. You used to be able to sort by artist, download date and such. Now it just has them in the order they were downloaded. Which might be fine for some but I have probably about 300gb of music downloaded. So with my recent phone upgrade and restoring downloaded content via the tidal app it is a jumbled mess. Quite disappointed as I have been using tidal before it was bought over. I’m hoping for a new competitor to come along so I can swap as the app has been steadily going down hill and clearly biased to the genre of music it’s owner produces......Version: 2.19.0

Great sound quality butMusic has great sound quality and I understand that their treatment of artists is slightly better than Spotify (but that’s not saying much.) I do however find their search engine inferior to Spotify. Not very helpful or intuitive unless you are very specific..Version: 2.34.0

Good but....... not with iPhoneFirstly, I never write app reviews but I am genuinely interested in getting this issue fixed. There is an iPhone app issue where it will somehow disconnect with the chromecast. I may have a song playing and then want to change my song, but the song starts to play on my phone - not through chromecast, despite me having already connected to chromecast. Until this is fixed I will not become a paying customer of the Tidal service..Version: 2.9.3

Music is good, UX is so-soThe master quality recordings sound noticeably better. The selection of music is pretty impressive. I use it most of the time on my phone in my car via a Bluetooth device called Tune2Air, but also on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker at home. The UI/UX of the app itself leaves lots to be desired. It often doesn’t remember where you left off on a playlist—either starts from the top or it replays songs you already heard the last time you listened. It does nor retain whether you had a playlist on shuffle or not, or at least it doesn’t keep shuffling if that’s what you were using. It’s not easy to create playlists, not intuitive—far too many taps and you can only add one song at a time. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a a music app that makes it unpleasant to create playlists. I’ve also done searches for an exact song name, spelled it right, and it says “no results.” Then I search instead for the artist and I find the song. Weird. I recommend you hire some peeps to develop your app properly, Tidal. The quality of your app is nowhere near the quality of the content you offer. But it should be. Frustrating..Version: 2.8.7

Good but could be betterOverall very good but some minor annoying things that could easily be addressed: - No ability to fast forward or rewind by holding down previous/next track - On latest update when you press previous track or next track buttons outside the app, it won’t go back to the beginning of a song (if it’s past a few seconds into the song) - annoying! - This is not a connection issue with my WiFi or signal, sometimes songs take a while to load up vs other steaming services - Finally, on a number of occasions I’ve noticed shuffle isn’t random at all, and will play a song recently played or added to a playlist. Definitely not a one off, noticed it multiple times now, an easy fix in sure. - Finally the swipe shortcut for adding a song to play queue is actually “play next” which is wrong, it means the latest added to the queue is next in line, should be at the end of queue (otherwise what’s the point of play next, and add to play queue options).Version: 2.36.0

Great app but needs a LOT of workI love using Tidal, I’ve been using it for the past two years now. But honestly the glitches that happen with this app sometimes makes me considering switching to a different streaming service. 1. This is one of the biggest issues I’ve experienced (at least 3-4 times thus far), where sometimes Tidal works, and other times it wipes out like HALF of my track library. This happened to me again today, and signing out and back in a few times seemed to help me before, but the fact that this happens at all really needs to be addressed and looked into. 2. Sometimes the app takes forever to load tracks, if at all. Every day I’m closing the app and reopening it in order for something to load. 3. Sometimes as tracks are playing, it stops in the middle of a queue, and if I open the app, it’ll just force close. again I love using Tidal, I love that artists are getting paid what they deserve, but at some point these glitches are going to be a turn off a lot of subscribers, like myself, causing people to go elsewhere for their music. Please help!.Version: 2.38.0

Family plan needs fixing!!!!I must say, I’m shocked that in this day and age something as simple as adding existing users to a family plan has been overlooked. It seems like it’s an issue that hasn’t been addressed for a couple of years now. It has put me off Tidal. I loved everything about this streaming service until me and my partner moved in together and decided to subscribe to their family plan. It turns out you can only add new users to your family plan! How come Tidal?! Please fix this - I really don’t want to be creating a new account and adding artists and my favourite podcasts again where the option of just adding an existing user should be there in the first place. You’re seriously loosing out on that, giving your competition an upper hand. I know of other members who moved to a different platform because of that. Surely that’s a simple fix..Version: 2.39.0

User Interface gets worse every updateEach update that changes the user interface/design is usually for the worse. I’ve been able to get used to the changes until recently. 95% of my time on the app is spent in the download albums page which used to look very nice and clean. The background of the app was a sleek black and the downloaded albums page was very minimalist and asthetically pleasing. Now the background is an outdated dark grey and the album covers got a lot smaller (making the unused space more noticeable). It seems they were trying to make room for the year the album was published and whether the album is explicit or mastered. This is information that you don’t need when looking through albums you’ve downloaded to your personal collection and are already familiar with. Things like that have always been contained in the info tab of albums once you click on them and that worked great to keep it out of the way. Also the album artworks jolt when you press them which I can only describe as a cheap feeling animation that isnt all that responsive in the first place. In summary, I’m really disappointed with the way the interface looks now and when I scroll through my albums - I’m not nearly as excited to use or return to the app. Please consider making the UI sleek like it used to be..Version: 2.12.1

Let down by terrible appsTidal centres itself on its sound quality and to be fair, the sound is great. I paid for a master subscription as it had a trial incentive for a couple of months. I was disappointed to find out only select albums had this master quality though, less than 25% of my music, so much so that I would never pay for this on a monthly basis and it feels like a gimmick - like buying a 400bhp car, but mon-fri it’s limited to 115... Then we look at the app. On the face of its okay but underneath it has received very little effort, it’s unintuitive and feels like I’m using iOS 5 at times. No force touch shortcuts, difficult to click through to album and artist info if a song shows up on a playlist. Music suggestions were very different to what I usually get with Apple Music but I can’t really talk about this after just 3months use. I cannot wait to return Apple Music and personally can’t find any reason to recommend tidal. There are two or three other far superior subscription services..Version: 2.8.10

Seems to get led quicklyQuality of audio/resolution is fantastic, but in terms of new music and keeping interest it seems to get stale very quickly. Was fun to listen to music of my youth for a while, but now that’s done there’s very little to sustain it. I keep finding myself going back to Apple Music for something new. Some of the recommendations for me are generations out. On the whole it’s not really working for me, despite my best efforts..Version: 2.16.0

Love the app but it has LOTS of technical issuesTidal is great at curating playlist for you based off what you listen to and gives great playlist suggestions. But the app is super buggy and not much has been done to fix them. I crashes on me constantly. I'm lucky if I can get through 2-3 songs without it crashing and it does it multiple times throughout the day. I've done all the troubleshooting (Uninstall, reinstall, sign out and sign back in, restart phone, etc.) and it only fixes it for a short period of time. It also loses music that I've added to which I have to sign out and back in to recover it. And lastly, the technical support team isn't helpful at all. There is suppose to be a 2-3 day response time. You can guarantee they will take the entire 3 days. Some times it's longer and other times I've had to follow up with them. Again, it's a great music app but all of the lack of consideration for the small things prevents me from making it my primary music app.Version: 2.28.0

Poor user experienceI am trialling Tidal for lossless audio and higher returns to artists. I’m only a couple of days in and have already found that the music stops whenever I get a notification on my phone. Collections from some of my favourite artists are virtually absent. It hangs when connecting to my Bowers and Wilkins speaker. The algorithm that forms playlists is less than satisfactory with completely random styles and artists being thrown into the mix. When I play a station in a particular genre there are random styles thrown in. I want to give it a good try but at this stage I don’t think I’ll be renewing past the trial..Version: 2.38.0

It would be perfect if tidal added likes/dislikeI don’t want to hear the songs I already heard that I didn’t like. Please tidal put up like/dislike buttons so I know what songs to skip since there’s millions of songs i want to listen to. The dislike buttons will simply remind me that I didn’t like it and I can play the next song without wasting my time.Version: 2.22.0

Enable voice search for drivingHi, I use Tidal frequently and enjoy the superior audio quality over other streaming services. The one drawback is that it is very unstable with CarPlay, often info shown on the car screen differs from the phone. Also button pushes fail amongst other things which is not helpful. Would also love to be able to voice search music in the app catalogue rather than going to Apple Music for the lower quality version.Version: 2.24.0

Okay but could be a lot betterFirst thing first the sound quality is far superior than other music apps. However it’s lacking in other areas. The download function is annoying at best and often pauses downloads if you’re switching in and out of apps, with the only way to restart them is closing the app and reopening it. Secondly the genres are not specific enough. I like Rap music, I also like Grime... somehow that comes under the same banner so it’s hard to find new artists. Lastly they don’t have a lot of playlists to download and the ones they have are terrible in my opinion and often produced with the American market in mind..Version: 2.4.3

Great music stream app but one mistake is happeningEver since the first couple of updates on the app there’s been a problem with the play queue you put on the right side . I put a bunch of music in the “play next” and “add to play queue”. I use the play queue a lot for new music or just a set of songs I want to use . But now what happens is once a song is finished being played the song completely disappears from the song list on the right . It never used to be like this in the past. The song used to stay in the playlist you made on the right side so I can go back and save the songs I added as playlist. If this doesn’t come back it’s going to be frustrating listening to music. If I add a buck a songs to the queue and I accidentally hit a whole album to play , all the songs I put in the queue completely disappears. In previous versions of the app the songs I put in the play queue would remain there. If there’s any way they fix that problem this app would be 5 stars no question..Version: 2.5.6

Fresh but disapointingI love TIDAL and this update makes the app much fresher looking. But i'm really disappointed that the large grid of beautiful album art in the Albums view is gone. Same with the spinning album art in the Now Playing tab. Really disappointed as these were my favourite features in the app!.Version: 2.0.0

Severe play back issuesI’m lucky if I can get three or four songs to play in a row on my iPhone XS before it stops and says it’s loading a song that’s been downloaded.Version: 2.44.0

Waiting for the Apple Watch appI’ve been using iTunes and Apple Music solely for 15 years and I’ve stayed locked into the ecosystem because it was convenient and familiar, but after I was given a turn-table as a gift a year ago I rediscovered the beauty of vinyl. I began to record my vinyls as lossless files you listen to on the go in the VOX app, but the app is terribly buggy, crashes often, and after a recent update keeps nagging me to buy a premium subscription to play music I already own, which is just ridiculous. I decided that if I had to pay subscription fees, I’d be better off looking for a service that could save me the hassle of having to record my vinyls, encode, split, tag, and transfer to my mobile devices and was deciding between trying Tidal and Qobuz, but wound up picking Tidal due to the reviews I read and the price point (HiFi access with student pricing for $5?!?, I couldn’t sign up fast enough). I still have Apple Music so I can listen to audio using just my cellular Apple Watch when I’m mowing the lawn or out kayaking, but the 2 hours a day I spend commuting is more luxurious now that I’m able to easily play hi-res audio on my Harman Kardon system in my car..Version: 2.8.7

Was great till todayCan’t complain about the quality and choice of music as it’s great. Was going to rate it 5 stars until this morning when I installed the latest update and lost all my downloaded HIFI Plus music. 54 albums and over 1000 tracks gone. If this is going to happen every time I update my subscription it will be canceled as I will not be wasting my data for something I’ve already downloaded. Have contacted support and waiting on a reply..Version: 2.37.0

Buggy expensive and tiny fontsNeed more master quality content. Need more ability to adjust fonts size and colour to make it more readable.Version: 2.6.2

Misuse Personal InformationI canceled my membership in June 2020 and requested the deletion of my personal information, which I received a confirmation email saying this was done. 9 months later I received a premium membership charge without any action taken by myself. They refuse to refund this charge saying I reactivated my account, I did not. TIDAL costumer support is geared to limit the actions you can take. TIDAL are thieves and an appalling company. I am very dissatisfied with TIDAL’s mismanagement of my personal information..Version: 2.24.0

LyricsWhen will you have lyrics with the songs?.Version: 2.12.1

Not finding good new music, or originals, not soundtracks.I live the quality of the songs. It is difficult to explore new music though. The suggestions are not my vibe and the app doesn’t know about genres. Also many tracks not on this platform. Spotify has a wide range of international songs and looking for Goa or Ghazals returns great songs, but not with Tidal. It’s looks for artist with name Goa. It’s a bit useless that way. It doesn’t understand me. Also, often not the original versions of some classics are available only wired remastered. Try California Dreaming… well that sucks. Or soundtracks! Try Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I might actually go back to Spotify after all. It’s some basic stuff that is not working..Version: 2.43.1

Huge audio quality discrepancy when switching outputI listen mainly on my iPhone XS Max and I really enjoy listening to high quality music. I just ended a trial subscription to Deezer HiFi and wanted to try Tidal. Interface is ok, I don't really like how the option to cast to my Google Cast enabled devices is not on the top right corner like nearly every other app that is cast-enabled. But my biggest gripe is that when I do switch from casting back to audio on my phone, the audio quality is deplorable. I listened to the same track - Out of Love by Alessia Cara - on Tidal (where it is a "Master Track") then Google Play Music (on the highest audio quality) and Tidal sounded so awful, mainly on the high end. Low end notes were decently clear and punctuate, but man when those mids and trebles come in - it sounds atrocious. The only way I've been able to resolve it is if I uninstall the app and reinstalled it. I cast my music to my speakers every morning when I get ready for the day and I don't want to have to uninstall and install the app every single day. I'm definitely not going to continue my subscription (especially at $26/month) if this problem cannot be resolved..Version: 2.12.0

Not the best but okayWhen I search a track it says it’s on tidal but when I search it doesn’t come up I am ok with it but I want it fixed so then we can listen to are favourite songs.Version: 2.10.1

Good but not greatTried Tidal after being with other services for such a long time and It took a while to get to grips with. All the music I searched was available other than one particular track. I enjoyed the playlists but found it hard to browse other sections due to a limited selection. Quality wise, I think it’s better but can’t be completely sure. If you have expensive headphones then I think this is a key selling point but not for me. I’m giving Tidal 2 stars because I’m found the interface extremely complex and difficult to manoeuvre between playlists and moods. Another reason is because the downloads are quite shocking. Tracks will stop, pause and reset mid song which is less than ideal when the beats is about to drop..Version: 2.4.4

So far not so positiveStill unable to open the app despite deleting and reloading, updating IOS and everything else Tidal suggest.Version: 2.10.1

Great sound but app needs workSound quality great and far superior to many other services which is the main thing but functionality of app is frustrating particularly for downloaded/offline content. Inability to search downloaded albums or even have downloaded content grouped according to artist/album is inconvenient and a seemingly big oversight. Background downloading would be useful too. Thanks..Version: 2.10.1

What’s the deal with the playbackKeeps having issues with playback even though all my other music apps work..Version: 2.36.0

No support, no refundsTried for months to cancel my account after a 3 month trail and their support was useless and they do not offer refunds unless you live in the EU. Cost me $60 for this useless crap. Absolutely do NOT recommend. Stick with Apple Music or Spotify..Version: 2.19.0

App review: Great but needs essential updates!Ok, Tidal gets a lot right... sounds great, especially the MQA stuff ... closest to analog I’ve heard thus far (HiFi tier only)... I’d give their service 4 stars, it’s the app I give 3...the app misses because there’s no easy way to search when you are in offline mode, which is a must do when trying to make sure you don’t waste data downloading hi-res files! Need shuffle within artist, better playlist controls... maybe even a toggle for making sure it only downloads over WiFi? I don’t know, I like Tidal a lot, especially after my iTunes library was messed up due to its inherently flawed “matching” system... obviously there is no matching abilities with Tidal at all, the draw for me is having a separate rental app and having my iTunes library synced from my Mac Pro without “matching” deciding to match random tracks with different masters from the album a track is originally from or screwing up my cover art... anyway, the MQA and full resolution downloads make Tidal is very very realistic and tempting alternative for the long haul for music rental. Wish the desktop version allowed downloads for offline listening too... Random missing albums are an issue too... why certain albums aren’t available is odd especially if an artist is on Tidal and the album isn’t that old....Version: 2.7.6

Good when it worksThe music quality is good as well as the selection but it loves to randomly stop playing songs. One song I listen to lots is a gamble getting past the 50 second mark. It loads other songs so it’s not my internet and the next day the song I want works fine but when I load a playlist in the car and it randomly stops putting me at risk of a ticket or having to stop it’s pretty annoying..Version: 2.8.5

Missing some albumsFirst of all sound quality is great and worth the extra money, but they’re missing some great albums. Jimmy Barnes is completely lacking in any of his music, Karnivool are completely missing their first two albums (one of which has my favourite song of all time on it). Very annoying to see that in order to get the sound quality one must forgo some albums, I’m still on the fence as to whether or not keep the subscription. Please add some more albums for artists..Version: 2.8.9

Love Tidal... please improve itI really enjoy Tidal for quality and the algorithms and presentation of music options is great. The key issues for me are regular streaming failures over Bluetooth devices (keeps playing while App starts doing something else so I lost control and have to restart) no google assistant integration, and fewer people on the platform means sharing is difficult. Please get onto these fairly basic items!.Version: 2.16.0

Waste of moneyCan’t even listen to 1 song without the app crashing.Version: 2.16.0

Good music quality but lots of bugs with app!Tidal has really good quality Hi-Fi and even master quality audio. The problem seems to be in the app’s requirement for data even when offline with pre downloaded content. It struggles to handshake well with Apple CarPlay, it is totally plagued with bugs connecting and getting music to start playing. Once connected though the experience of the music quality almost makes up for the dodgy buggy app’s nature. Right up until you require reconnecting for your next trip and the connection issues start up all over again..Version: 2.8.10

Sign up with FacebookWill not allow me to sign up without going into Facebook real dumb.Version: 2.5.1

Disgusting Refund PolicyNothing wrong with this App, or the music quality it plays. My issues with the total package that is the service it comes with, and the policy for their refunds and disgusting. Unless forced to by a government like in the EU they will not even look at giving you a refund. Which makes you feel like it’s a total money grab. You can have a policy to lean on but when someone has been getting billed for 3 months and hasn’t logged in once could think there could be some room..Version: 2.9.2

ReviewVery poor customer service/contact - no response to messages on email or social media channels..Version: 2.8.2

Excellent quality, stalls and stopsI love the sound quality, and they have vastly improved suggestion algorithms to an extent where i prefer them to competition. However, here in Australia HiFi streaming is full of 1-2 min hiccups stalls and rebuffering. Please monitor and improve, as this is a recurring and persistent issue that causes me to part with Tidal... several times now, until i crave the wholesome sound again....Version: 2.13.1

The app is ruining my lifeeeeI’ve been a member for YEARS! Yet with every upgrade to the app they make(all much needed as it was a pretty bare bones music streaming app when I first started subscribing) the app becomes worse! It’s come to the point where I’m the app my whole track library(which I have downloaded) will stop playing/say it’s loading all the tracks and sometimes when it loads it deletes tracks from the list and I need to restart the whole app a bunch of times just to get things back to normal. Today I tried uninstalling the app to redownload everything just in case it’s damaged files but now,there are NO TRACKS in my library!!! If I search a song from my tracks it’ll still have the heart but if I go to the library menu for my tracks it says I do not have tracks. I just want to listen to all my favorite songs on shuffle but this app makes it impossible. Please do something about this. There is no customer support or place to report problems in the app,it’s like the people who make it do not use it….Version: 2.39.0

Read the Zappos book on customersI started selling high end audio equipment back in the 90s, to me the popularity signaled the end of the high end audio Industry and the backlash of consumers against record companies for producing and supporting music distribution mediums that wore out, or scratched easily. I should have known better that people would help move file based music into the hi-fi so many of us cling too. Supported by this trend, I signed up for Tidal with a hi-fi account. The sound quality does come through, and my Oppo application usually works with Tidal, that about where my satisfaction with Tidal ends. First UX, what year is it? Offline sorting, display of albums, vs artist and general navigation smack of early 2000s expect the availability of modern program languages reveal either the incompetence of Tidal’s product team or they have outsourced their UX to a bank. Customer support is impossible to contact. The last time I tried, their wasn’t any authentication between the app my account and their ticketing system, so each time I wrote a ticket and submitted it, I got a message saying I wasn’t authorized. I unsuccessfully emailed and took to Twitter, none of the channels replied. What a dismal and useless waste of money. I consider this a major management failure. Good luck, when you are selling for pennies on the dollar refer to this review. Make your customers happy and they won’t have to lower their gaze when people ask why they are using Tidal in public..Version: 2.5.9

Please fix new updateNormally I love tidal but since the new update it’s been pissing me off. Every time i am listening to anything it just stops playing after like 1 song, please fix this Tidal I’ve been with you guys for like 2 years !!.Version: 2.16.0

BUYER BEWAREStarted free trial a few weeks ago, supposed to be free but my credit card was hit with the monthly charge. I then cancelled ( Apple Music IMO kills Tidal ) to go to Apple. Requested money back but was advised that cancellation will not take effect until next billing cycle, however I can keep listening to music till then, ummm no I cannot, the system keeps trying to get me to sign up for another free trial. Beginning to think Tidal has money problems if it can give me these sorts of issues. BUYER BEWARE..Version: 2.28.0

Almost!!!Two things would make it perfect for me. One- ‘add to que’. This makes it easy for on the fly car rides, gatherings... Everyone picks a song. S’all good. TWO- have followers. I can send my playlist to anyone, but they cannot find me in the search. Being able to follow someone who has great playlists already would be great. I am on day one of the free subscription and like it so far. So do my siblings. If those two things could be added, you just got several new subscribers..Version: 2.6.0

The slide of music time is crappI want to skip music by sliding the duration of song but it is unresponsive.Version: 2.29.0

3 Stars for the music quality, 0 for the appSubscribed to Tidal to access high quality streaming through my top end hifi set up. The quality is very good ( not quite premium vinyl but pretty close). However, there are some considerable gaps in the library as others have pointed out, and the app on the iPhone is diabolically bad. Others have already pointed out how it completely abandons the connection to the streaming player and just starts doing something completely different while the streamer forges on. It’s also very expensive via the Apple store so I think if I do continue with it I’ll do it direct with tidal and not pay the Apple tax. It seems the development team has also stopped replying to feedback from users on this forum which does not bode well for the future. I love the high quality of the music and really want Tidal to succeed based on them paying more to artists, but if the app does not do the basic stuff it will be hard to stick with them..Version: 2.21.0

Full of BugsWhile I enjoyed TIDAL for a while, there are just too many bugs with the app. When trying to submit the bugs and get them rectified, I received less-than-adequate responses passing responsibility to “the record label”. Can’t recommend this app anymore. Switched to Apple Music and already like it better..Version: 2.44.0

Not worth itFirstly, I’d like to say it’s a shame you can’t do ANYTHING on this app without them begging for your credit card details. Due to this, I refuse to give my details to them. The 30 days trial is a joke that you really shouldn’t have to even bother with. If you truly wanted those people to join just give us the days automatically. Make sure they know MANY TIMES that the have “x” amount of days of free trial remaining, would you like to subscribe to our service? Answer:(Y/N) when you open up the app. Then add onto the “x” amount of days, and answer No, and continue without Subscription. Are your sure? ( If you would like to continue to use our library, (insert list of “benefits”), along with our (insert ”special features/anything else),then consider subscribing! Answer:(Y/N)Once 30 days is up. Cut it off, easy enough. That’s not hard for them to do. Granted, yea that’s annoying, but I’m not paying for something I can’t even begin to mess with, hear, or anything. When you’re a “music” app that’s a must, show me what you got without getting every detail of me..Version: 2.24.0

Unauthorised charging post account cancellationI will never use Tidal again. They charged my account after I had cancelled it, and despite numerous emails (as they are not contactable by phone) have refused to refund the charges. All the customer support unit staff seem to do is provide a standard response that says they could not track down my account (even though I have provided screenshots of my credit card statement showing that Tidal itself has charged my credit card). It’s as if their strategy is to frustrate you so that you give up on your claim request. There are numerous online forums of many other customers complaining of this same conduct. Absolutely atrocious for what I had once thought was a reputable music streaming service..Version: 2.15.0

Not Bad !!I am becoming a great fan of the Tidal experience - it’s a great service with brill music. But ........ 1) I can’t stream in full high quality directly to my Arcam kit unless I use Arcams own app which is poor. Given I can stream from this app over Airplay, surely it can’t be that hard to make it stream to DLNA kit (like my Arcam CD player) too ? Using Airplay limits the quality of the sound reaching my equipment, rendering a HiFi subscription pointless. 2) Can you please allow us to organise playlists and albums into folders so they are easier to browse and manage (like iTunes) ? Scrolling through hundreds of items can be a real pain - search relies upon you knowing exactly what you want - sometimes you just want to root around in a particular collection ??.Version: 2.8.9

Ridiculously BuggyThe app constantly has performance issues. I want to like TIDAL because it pays artists better than most streaming services but the app is consistently terrible. Currently it has just deleted all of my liked songs and upon redownloading the app it also deleted all of my playlists. The app also tends to pick favorites out of your liked songs and play them several times a week over other songs. There is no rhyme or reason to why these songs are played more they just are and it’s incredibly annoying. The search function will also only pull up songs from smaller artists if the song title and artist name are searched for and spelled exactly right and before you finish typing it will show “no results” so until you type everything out exactly right there is no chance it will pull up what you are looking for. The app is also very slow to load. If you click from search to liked songs expect to wait 10-20 seconds minimum for tidal to load so you can scroll through the liked songs area again. Terrible app. I really want to like this app but I simply can’t recommend it. As soon as I am able to get my songs back I will be canceling my subscription and moving to Apple Music..Version: 2.31.0

App is inconsistentI used to love this app with every fiber in me. It was my go to music streaming service. It was fast, easy to use, and had every song I needed (wish it had podcasts but it’s not too big of a deal). Lately however, (possible the last 6 months) the app has been glitchy, and has been working on and off. There seems to be a different problem every week. It never lasts for longer than a month but it’s infuriating. Lately I can’t even stream music using my WiFi, I have to turn it off, unless the music I’m listening to is downloaded. My WiFi is not the problem, and it works exceptionally fast with every other app, but tidal jusy has a problem. Since this is the same price as Apple Music, id recommend Apple Music since it’s more intuitive to iPhones and it doesn’t have all these glitches. Sad to say I won’t be staying with tidal much longer if these problems keep occurring. I’ll great an edit and fix the score if my problem is fixed and no tiene problems occur..Version: 2.9.3

Just a few issues...Almost at the end of my free trial. PLEASE add an apple watch app. I hate having to carry my iphone with me when I workout just to listen to music, due to your lack of an app for the apple watch. Also, when connected to car bluetooth, the app glitches. when I leave the car, the music will pause. but when I get back in the car, it will not automatically start playing again. it makes me manually force close the app on my iphone and go back into the tidal app to resume playing (this also restarts the song i was playing, and sometimes the whole playlist. very annoying). i didn’t have this issue with apple music. I get “error loading this content” when trying to load my playlists through apple carplay, which, again, forces me to manually pull out my phone and do it from there. hopefully tidal reads this review and fixes these issues, as this would truly perfect the app and I would leave 5 stars. the sound quality is amazing, music definitely sounds the way the artist intended. the layout takes a little getting use to if you’re use to apple music, but I actually now prefer the layout of tidal. i love the tidal mixes and the different stations that they have available. it could be a perfect app if they fix these issues. not sure if i’ll be continuing to use it after my free trial ends, the lack of an apple watch app and the glitches that I put up with on daily basis (the ones I listed earlier) are a big turn off for me..Version: 2.11.2

Sounds great, buggy, support not brilliantSounds noticeably better than other three streaming services I’ve tried. Sounds inspiring through living room hi-fi, better stereo, open sounding. But…Go to artist, keep randomly getting “no connection - tap to refresh”. Trying to weigh up if this will improve or keep being annoying. Contacted support also about merging of different artists on the one page - not interested - will only change it if an old distributor/label requests it. Not a big score for being artist friendly there. Not sure if I’ll go with it after the month - would definitely have without the problems listed. So after this review a message was posted by the developer saying they’d be in touch in 24 hours and a support ticket number. A week later and nothing….Version: 2.39.0

Album art not showing correctly on BMW i DriveAlbum art freezes or shows randomly on the i drive. I was also unable to remove a standard subscription from my iPhone when I upgraded to hifi so it always tried to use the standard version. Whenever I try to reinstate the hifi subscription it always reinstates standard. Very frustrating. Very impressed with the sound quality - much better than Apple Music but then you pay more for it. The volume level is also not stable across all tracks. But you get this issue on all streaming services I’ve tested so far..Version: 2.9.1

Great for Sound Quality, mediocre as an appTidal has by far and away the best sound quality of any of the music apps. If sound quality is most important to you, this is probably your app. However, as an app it sometimes feels unfinished and broken. I have all of my music downloaded to my phone, yet sometimes it will just spin like it is buffering indefinitely. I have to close the app and sometimes restart my phone to get it working again. The Apple CarPlay integration is terrible. There are so many bugs when I use the app in my car with CarPlay. Sometimes it won’t show what’s playing, sometimes it won’t automatically go to the next track and I have to do it manually every time. Sometimes it won’t shuffle. Sometimes it won’t read my playlists at all. I have to unplug my phone, close the app and plug my phone in again to fix these bugs a lot of the time. Not ideal. If the sound quality wasn’t as good as it is, I would have switched to another app as this makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes..Version: 2.19.0

TV U/I, Video playlistI’m happy with the content especially the MASTER quality. But I’m only giving 3 stars because it costs me a lot but most of the time the TV version of the app have bugs. I’m using Samsung Q70 QLED TV. Maybe its your server? Because sometimes the video content on the tv app doesn’t play. I already check if its our internet connection but its not. Can you also make all of the music playlist have a video playlist counterpart? Most of the new songs playlist have videos too. This would make my experience more fun using your streaming service. I would be happy and give 2 more stars if this gets fixed. Thanks! More power!.Version: 2.8.5

BugI like tidal but right now I have one song that isn't downloading to my offline for some reason, and I can't remove it so I basically am paying for free tidal. Please add a option to remove a song from your download waiting.Version: 2.0.1

Good, not GreatNot enough Master quality content to justify being twice the price of competitors and some strange omissions eg: Rolling Stones’Sticky Fingers’ not master quality?? Too America-centric also (I get that’s the main demographic) but suggestions for this 60 year old Ozzie are way off the mark based on my history. Apps not as bad as people claim IMHO, though sometimes it won’t show ‘all albums’ when I’m streaming 50mbs which is a hassle. All in all, just a bit pricey. I’m on a month trial and I just don’t think there is enough to move me off Apple Music at double the cost. 😀.Version: 2.9.4

Good, but crashes and the Apple Watch companion is limitedThis app is good - I particularly like the metadata about songs to be able to see the musicians that were playing on each track (e.g. Who was the drummer? The guitarist?), not just the singular “artist”. A negative of Tidal is that they don’t make an app that works with my Apple Watch Series 2, unlike Apple and Spotify. Also, I find that the app has real stability problems and crashes in a way that I’ve never found to be the case for other music streaming platforms..Version: 2.44.0

Doesn’t load albums in my library rightWell it is slow to load albums in my music, in particular for my favourite band Thee Headcoats. It just won’t bring up their albums in the app! I find it slow to load most things and a bit awkward to add to the library. There are many different artists that are listed as the same one. These include Heavenly, Slow Children and some of the albums listed as Jago or Lightfoot are actually audio plays spun off from Doctor Who. I want to add these radio plays to my library but not those other artists. In the case of Slow Children and Heavenly, the other bands with their name are just totally different music styles unappealing to fans of the other bands which are Twee and New Wave acts. There are a lot of great artists missing like bis (from Glasgow, Scotland), the Creams, The Chrysanthemums, Janet Klein, the 80s material from the new wave band Slow Children, Bloody Mannequin Orchestra and a number of others essential artists. A shuffle feature would be nice to mix up artists I have liked..Version: 2.8.10

Great sound... poor AppI don’t normally take the time to right reviews, however, the quality of the app versus the price of the subscription warranted it. The sound quality of the music is fantastic; although dependent on whether it is master, Hifi or lower makes it indistinguishable from other streaming services. Therefore, the app really does then need to be on a par or better than the completion to justify the premium. This is where it fails. The app itself has a very similar look and design to the major steaming service yet lacks the refinement of use. It is the only streaming service app that I have had crash and freeze on me multiple times in a day, along with restarting for no reason. The play queue has also been cleared randomly when adding songs, as well as the inability to add songs to either a queue or playlist. Additionally it is the only one of the apps that struggles interacting with my Bluetooth headphones (Sennheiser MTW 2’s). Simply pausing a song for less than 30 seconds stops Bluetooth from initiating playback, as well as making the app unresponsive to touch on the phone. There are additional nuances using the app, however the picture is clear enough to state that although the audio quality may be higher on selected tracks, until the basics of user interface that give access to the high quality audio have been addressed, I would save your money on any subscription level and enjoy using an alternative, than being frustrated with Tidal..Version: 2.12.0

When it works properly it’s great, but it rarely doesWhen the app works as intended it’s a great experience and being able to select higher audio qualities is very noticeable when using headphones or higher end speaker. However, the app is extremely glitchy and slow. The only reliable way to listen to music on the platform is to download everything. Granted, I am willing to wait a few seconds for a song to load, especially if it’s in higher quality, but using the search feature doesn’t always work. Furthermore, when I click on particular artists’ catalogues to expand and see in entirety, the app gets stuck in it’s loading screen. There are also many instances of songs randomly stopping and playlists taking forever to load. I thought it may be my internet, but I have tried on many different networks and it continues to have the same issues. Worth my $5 for 5 months, but not the insanely high asking price for non promo membership..Version: 2.8.7

Doesn’t play well with CarPlayI love the sound quality of Tidal, however as I do a lot of my listening in the car, it’s issues with CarPlay are hugely frustrating and making me consider alternatives. Firstly, the music library doesn’t load well. Often it takes a number of touches to get the album list to load. I normally get the spinning wheel before it tells me it can’t load. But most frustrating is that at the end of a song, the display does not change to the next song, and at the end of the second song Tidal just stops playing. I first reported this nearly 12 months ago and still hasn’t been fixed. Their fix was to operate tidal from your phone which defeats the purpose of CarPlay. I have now cancelled my subscription and moved elsewhere. I am willing to put up with slightly less quality streaming for an app that actually works well..Version: 2.21.0

It’s slowly improvingI really do love title but they are still more improvements and bug fixes that need to be addressed. The UI is still a complete and utter awful mess, unable to automatically have songs play in Dolby Atmos (if available), not enough songs in Dolby Atmos, don’t show the whole damn artist music catalog when look for saved songs in your library, be able to replace stereo sound quality songs for Dolby Atmos version instead, be able to delete duplicate songs, sometimes won’t play selected songs that are in Dolby Atmos & get an error saying I need to subscribe to “Hi-fi Plus) even though I am, be able to search for Dolby Atmos versions easier, ect… Not worth paying $20 dollars & might consider canceling my subscription. Honestly adding Dolby Atmos to the “Hi-fi” tier for $3 extra wouldn’t be a bad idea.Version: 2.43.0

Terrible, not worth the $$$$$.I like hi quality sound having grownup with vinyl as basically the only form of recorded music. That said, I find it hard to conceptualize how HiFi, being analog by nature, can be completely reproduced in a digital environment. That said, I thought I would give it a try and might have even heard a little difference but for the $25 per month I am not sure it is worth it. Considering that is more money monthly than 2 HD video streaming services and considering that TIDAL doesn’t seem to interface well nor does it feel very intuitive. But, here is my biggest pet peeve; I contacted them for service and found no phone support! Twenty-five dollars per month and no phone support! Outrageous! Worse, I emailed them and 3 days later they responded and so it went. Two weeks later they had not even figured out my account. I am not used to being treated like that especially for $300 per year. If we are going to pay that kind of money for music streaming service they should be prepared to treat us like royalty. HD music from Apple and Pandora sounds good to me and while some may be saying I don’t have an ear, I studied voice with one of the top coaches in the country with gold records on his wall from a number of his students and my father was one of jazz’s greats. I am willing to pay for what I get if it’s worth it but I ain’t paying for a limo and riding the bus!.Version: 2.11.1

Carplay app abysmalLove the platform, great quaity, but the Carplay solution is just very poor. Playlists not showing all tracks that you can clearly see on your phone if you open the app and scroll through them, playback stopping after 1 song and you need to manually press "cue forward", or even if it does progress to the next song, the title, performer and artwork remain the same as the previously played one and the timer doesn't show anything; press "cue forward" to get to the right artwork, title and timer and the song restarts. What's worse is that it's been like this for absolute ages. Get it right guys. Such a shame for a great platform to fudge this aspect..Version: 2.25.1

App crashingSongs will play then stop suddenly in background terrible.Version: 2.12.1

Great app but a nuisance bug to be fixed still.I really enjoy Tidal and have been a premium subscriber for about the last 3 years or so, however the iPhone app lately has developed an issue whereby the last 10 seconds of a song cause it to start stuttering, and when you spend a small fortune on headphones and DACs and portable amplifiers etc, this is quite annoying! I have tried the same setup with Apple Music and other music apps and they don’t have this issue, and I tried using different amplifiers with Tidal through the iPhone and they have the same issue. Hopefully it is fixed soon. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars..Version: 2.41.0

BuggedThe latest update has stopped me being able to get to my collection of saved songs. My. Collection button not working on iPad.Version: 2.8.1

BuggyThe sound is amazing but this app is a bit buggy. Sometimes it clearly isn't playing on shuffle and you have to kill the app to correct this. It can freeze a bit at times. However the sound quality cannot be beaten..Version: 2.21.0

No streaming over cellular (AT&T)Streaming music on cellular data hasn’t worked for over a month. All my friends and family with TIDAL have this same problem. I like TIDAL and have been trying to justify still paying for it, but at this point I’ve gotta switch to a different service. I reached out to customer support via email to ask how to fix this problem or how to get a refund, and it took 10 days before they responded and asked for my account info. I sent them back my info and a reiteration of the problem. It’s been 2 weeks with no response. I l want to support TIDAL, but they’re not allowing me to use the service they purport to provide (streaming music.) Since they’re not selling me a product, I suppose I’m just giving the company a monthly donation. It’s obvious that they know about the problem but haven’t figured out how to fix it. They’ve released several updates without addressing the problem that MANY users have brought to their attention. When I brought the problem to their attention via email they stopped responding. Again, I’d prefer to be a customer, not a donor. Unfortunately, as of right now, I’m a donor because TIDAL does not offer any service that can be used or consumed..Version: 2.5.0

The Music quality is unrivaled, still no Siri or Apple Watch integrationI’m not an expert in audio so I honestly didn’t have any expectations that I would notice any difference between NORMAL quality and the MASTER, but I have to say I was blown away. The master quality is superb, songs I’ve listened to hundreds of times completely transform, and all the details, layered sound, and 3 dimensional effect take the music to elevated level of intimacy. I appreciate Tidal for providing a studio quality experience. However, I really wish that lyrics where available in the app I think any true music platform should have a lyrics feature. Also, since such a large portion of tidal subscribers use Apple devices it would be nice if there were Siri integration and Apple Watch compatibility for this app. I want nothing more to be able to ask Siri to play my “morning drive” playlist in the tidal app. And I wish I could leave my phone in the house to go for a morning jog and still be able to stream my favorite songs on tidal on my Watch. The Apple Watch has come so far and I use to make calls, check the news, and stream my favorite podcasts why can’t I browse thru my tidal music selection from my watch ?.Version: 2.16.0

Ok for basic music, but not good on iPadI have the Hifi Plus subscription but some features don’t work on iPad. There is no Dolby Atmos, there is no Artist contribution section, and 360 Reality Audio doesn’t work and is like I’ve downloaded in low quality and has no 360 spatial effect whatsoever. Hifi and Master quality streaming is pretty good though. The app would be nicer if cover art was consistently used and included in playlists like it is elsewhere like suggested tracks. So if you use an iPad don’t get a Plus subscription as the only benefit you get is Master quality and not sure if it’s worth paying double the price as a Hifi subscription just for that.Version: 2.35.2

I love it but..It works well! It’s easy to use and simple but I wish you could change the cover image on your playlists :(. It would feel much nicer and more personalised that way! It also lacks a lot of obscure and lesser known artists. I don’t use it as much as I wish I could as a lot of artists I love aren’t even on the app. It lacks a social aspect as well. Like connecting with friends ect..Version: 2.15.0

Sound ok but a lousy interfaceTidal is not responsively designed to my personal tastes in music. It keeps pushing music that I really dislike, even though I never want to listen to it. The user interface is probably fine if you like the music that Tidal selects for you. If you have the patience to wade through selections by Tidal staff, you might reach music you want. This is somewhat hit or miss. The search function is especially bad, and I prefer to hear albums as curated by the artist, not by Tidal..Version: 2.41.0

Poor security and zero customer serviceMy account was hacked somehow which removed my user name and account name. Replaced with another account name. Tidal then had no reference to the account I originally set up and yet was still being billed through the Apple store. Tidal has extremely poor to non existent customer services to deal with a complex issue such as this and came back when messaged some time later with we cannot help as we don’t recognise your account name. There was no way to rectify and so I had to contact Apple who actually had a human I could explain this to. Even Apple couldn’t find a way to contact Tidal and speak to someone. Be careful with this app it may offer good sound but there security is terrible and you cannot speak to anyone to rectify the problem. As a rule and duty of care to customers, Apple should not let any app advertise on their store unless they offer a contact number to speak to a human or an immediate chat facility with a human to discuss complex issues such as security breaches. Extremely disappointed and have cancelled through Apple 😔.Version: 2.18.0

A very weak appWhy is that apps have less functionality than websites? And why is it that Tidal insists you use the app rather than the website if you’re on an ipad (like many users will surely be). 1) I don’t want autoplay, I can’t disable it from the app; 2) I want add to queue straight away, not just play next the first time; 3) I want fb style ‘not relevant’ to get rid of unwanted suggestions; 4) I want to be be able to use the website on an ipad, it’s plain stupid tomask me to use my pc, many people don’t even have one. And 5) don’t change the sound intensity midway through a track, that’s just a bug..Version: 2.25.0

No refund policy.Accepted trial. I forgot to unsubscribe (my fault). Charged me but tried to report the app as not intend to purchase but next screen said this app is not refundable. Hated this music service since day one from the trial date and uninstalled next day. Have been with Apple Music since long. May be I am just used to of Apple Music..Version: 1.18.2

Great quality, user experience needs workTidal is a brilliant alternative to the mainstream streaming services with MUCH better quality and I haven’t yet found a song missing from the catalogue that I had with other services. The interface is good, although convoluted at times. The reason for three stars is two-fold; firstly the download experience is poor, it regularly pauses downloads for no reason and there is no way of re-activating other than resetting the playlist to download...frustrating if you discover half the tracks you wanted aren’t downloaded. Secondly, the “Folk/Americana” genre is WAY too American country focussed and doesn’t feature enough international folk and acoustic, it’s really lacking in choice making finding new artists a chore..Version: 2.1.2

Ugly Now Playing screenThe now playing screen looked much better in the previous version, it looks clunky now and the round album cover only works with some albums and looks ugly on most..Version: 1.12.1

Almost perfect application that gets ruined every few updatesI have been a long-time customer of TIDAL. While I love the streaming quality and the layout/design of the application, the last few updates have been terrible. It takes forever for saved tracks to load (only showing the blinking T Icon for 30 to 45 seconds - rendering you unable to play music at that very moment until your tracks fully load). Due to the changes in streaming quality from track to track, when a lower quality song finishes, the next higher quality song may not play until you manually go in and hit play or skip the track. The app uses lots of battery power. Would be nice to have the additional speaker output settings provided on the Desktop version of Tidal when streaming via Bluetooth to a dedicated speaker. Also, Please bring back the suggested tracks by swiping left! Tried reporting bugs through the website but kept getting errors on multiple occasions. I love Tidal and prefer it over all other streaming platforms. Once these few issues are addressed - it will be a 5 star application!.Version: 2.12.0

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